A simple “show & tell” way to:
Unleash your ability for getting spiritual help, guidance and insights, direct from God to you personally, anytime you need it, sometimes when you didn’t even ask!

Judy Secor is capable of grasping matters on a level that could allow her, if she so desired, to do scholarship with the best of scholars. But her love for people and the ministry of the Gospel to others seems uppermost upon her goals and I would expect she shall become a leading figure among the poor and the homeless. I cannot commend her more highly to you.
Dr. John E. McKenna, Adjunct Professor
Special Assistant to the President

“It’s refreshing to hear someone who is brave enough to talk about religion, even mentioning God. When we come back to God, God will do something for this world and I thank Judy Secor for sharing her beliefs and her honesty.”
Clarence Davis